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Public lectures

TDTU Public Lectures in January 2024 with Professor Sébastien Point - Director of the HuManiS Research Center at the University of Strasbourg, France
The TDTU Public Lectures program is a specific series of activities at TDTU to connect experts, scientists, leaders, and enterprises ...
TDTU Public Lecture in July 2023: “AI and AI in Other Sciences”
On July 12, 2023, the Public Lecture in July 2023 was held at Ton Duc Thang University with the topic: "AI and AI in other sciences".
5G Applications: Developments and Challenges, a post-pandemic update
On the morning of September 6, 2022, the September 2022 TDTU Public Lectures session was held at Ton Duc Thang University.
Many career opportunities for students majoring in Hospitality Management
This is an opportunity for students to directly gain more work experience in a professional, classy environment; to participate in training courses to improve their professional skills and have a clearer career orientation.
Getting ready for 5G mobile network
5G network is considered to have many superior features such as latency under 1 ms, data transfer rate up to 20Gbit/s, especially access density of up to 1 million connections/km2.
Public Lecture “Corporate Culture: The foundation of Hoa Binh Construction Group”
The content of the program is about the process of forming corporate culture and its interaction in the success of Hoa Binh Construction Group.
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