Public Lecture “Corporate Culture: The foundation of Hoa Binh Construction Group”

On the morning of January 10, 2019, Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) organized a public lecture program in early 2019 with the theme: “Corporate culture – The foundation of Hoa Binh Construction Group". The speaker was an architect, Mr. Le Viet Hai, Chairman and General Director of Hoa Binh Construction Group. The content of the program is about the process of forming corporate culture and its interaction in the success of Hoa Binh Construction Group.

More than 30 years working in the construction profession, with passion for the career and desire to serve the society, Ar. Le Viet Hai started his company from a small office with a few employees. With the slogan "Hoa Binh: conquering the peak", he always directed employees to good things combining the quintessence of traditional culture of Vietnam and other countries in the world with high determination and progressive spirit of non-stop striving. Hoa Binh Group has now become the leading general contractor in the country, and the only contractor in the country was awarded the 6 National Brand Awards and TOP 10 Vietnam Gold Stars 2018.

During his lecture, Mr. Le Viet Hai had useful and meaningful sharing with TDTU lecturers and students. He said that Hoa Binh Group's success comes from its own corporate culture. Culture is a soul, a unique identity shaping the behavior, spirit and attitude of each individual in the collective team. Based on 3 main pillars of charactoristics “The True – The Good – The Beautiful” and combining the national and human cultural quintessence, Hoa Binh has gradually formed its own Declaration of Values. It consists of 7 core contents being summarized through years of construction and development, which are civilized behavior, righteous conduct, enforcement of commitments, discipline, integration of elite, active creativity and active cooperation.

"Corporate culture should be absorbed into the mind of each member, becoming the core and nature of the business", revealed Mr. Le Viet Hai. Concurrently, Mr. Hai further shared to TDTU students that in the industrial revolution 4.0, global connectivity becomes multidimensional and full of competition; therefore, students (i) need to have a great ambition right from the start, (ii) must put themselves in the international environment, (iii) confidently bring the brand abroad and (iv) are ready to compete with businesses across the globe. Consequently, students should create their own personal cultural background right from the study at school in order to reach these core values.

Some photos of the program:

Speaker presenting “Corporate Culture – the foundation of Hoa Binh”




Lecturers and students raising questions to the speaker


The speaker shooting a commemorative photo with lecturers and students