The Power of Sharing

This is the theme of the November-of-2018 public lecture in the morning of 30 Oct 2018, at Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) with the speaker, Mr. André Laperrière, Executive Director of the Global Open Data Program for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN).

GODAN is an initiative set up in 2013 by the G8, which aims to build a global open access database of agriculture and nutrition; It allows all countries in the world to be free to pursue production development, improve agricultural productivity, and contribute to addressing global poverty.

Rapid population growth coupled with climate change is bringing humanity to the brink of a food crisis. The world's agriculture needs to be changed in terms of production in order to cope with the impending difficulties. In the same vein, the technology is on the brink of explosive growth, the amount of data is generated and processed more than ever before. According to the speaker, agriculture in the near future will use a variety of intelligent machinery; pets and plants are constantly monitored by sensors; Market information is constantly updated at a global level. These abundant data sources are processed and provided free of charge to all countries. The benefits of open data systems are huge, the speaker calls this Power of data sharing.

Talking about TDTU, ‘I am very impressed with the TDTU students. A lot of you come to my talk today. I see a bright future for Vietnam and for the world when I see you. You have a very beautiful learning environment. And it's great that you have an electronic library to store and spread knowledge across the country and around the world. Learn how to capitalize on these valuable resources to grow your future,’ said  André Laperrière.

Some photos of the agenda:


Dr. Tran Trong Dao, Vice President of TDTU, opening the program and introducing the Speaker


Speaker presenting the GODAN initiative



TDTU students and lecturers questioning the speaker


Dr. Tran Trong Dao giving thank-you flowers to the speaker


The Speaker and lecturers, students shooting a commemorative photograph