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TDTU experience

Spring coming early in Bao Loc
Here, the leaves are still green, the flowers are still blooming everywhere, seducing every step of the person who has just returned.
TDTU: A wise choice on the way to study abroad
If people ask me why I love this school so much, I would like to share what I have experienced after 1 year of studying here.
Whoever has found happiness, that happiness she should hide
On the occasion of International Day of Happiness (March 20, 2020), Ms. Seija Nyholm, Principal of VFIS School, from Finland shared her happiness.
Bao Loc Campus: a new pristine day
I went to the Bao Loc Campus for a few days in late September. One of the last rains of the season had just stopped falling. Glorious sunshine beamed over a pristine new day...
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