Getting ready for 5G mobile network

5G is the next generation mobile network, after 4G network (LTE), which has been tested by several Vietnamese enterprises and is expected to be deployed in 2020. 5G network is considered to have many superior features compared to 4G such as latency under 1 ms, data transfer rate up to 20Gbit/s, especially access density of up to 1 million connections/km2. This is the ideal feature to deploy IoT applications (Internet of Things).

These are the basic contents of the Public Lectures in July 2019, which took place on the morning of July 17, 2019 in Hall 10F, Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU). The Speaker is Dr. Tran Van Hai, Director of computing and telecommunications of Government Accountability Office (GAO); ie the US Central Auditing Organization. He is also a visiting Professor of George Washington University, Washington DC.

During the talk, the speaker also introduced the future technology trends, and advantages that people, especially young people, enjoy from technological revolutions as well as huge challenges that will come into view if users let themselves depend too much on technology. With a sincere style of presentation, starting from basic concepts, the speaker really attracted the attention of the audience.

Speaking about TDTU, Dr. Hai said he was very much impressed with TDTU's rapid development. He stressed that TDTU is the fastest growing university with the best facilities in Vietnam. TDTU students should take advantage of the University’s strengths to develop themselves and make TDTU’s reputation more and more widespread.

Some images of the public lecture



Dr. Tran Van Hai presenting 5G mobile network


A large number of TDTU lecturers and students listening


TDTU leaders handing flowers and posing for memorable photos with the Speaker