The two new graduates are siblings, receiving Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science

October 28, 2022 is probably a very special and emotional day for Nguyen Thanh Truc and Nguyen Thanh Song Truc. Today, the two sisters had a very special moment: standing on the same stage to receive the good Master's and Bachelor's degrees.

Nguyen Thanh Truc (born in 1992), just graduated with a Master’s degree in Computer Science, the Faculty of Information Technology, with an excellent score of 8.51. Previously, with a passion for learning and applying knowledge on information technology, Thanh Truc also studied at Ton Duc Thang University, majoring in Informatics. After achieving the Bachelor’s degree, and with an endless and burning passion for Informatics, Thanh Truc continued to enroll in a Master’s degree program in computer science at TDTU. Sweet results have come to Truc after months of constantly researching and learning. Thanh Truc successfully defended her Master’s thesis on March 5, 2022 with a good score of 8.1/10 and completed the Master’s program in Computer Science. At the same time, Thanh Truc currently has a stable job as a computing lecturer at the Center for Applied Information Technology, Ton Duc Thang University.

Truc is not only an excellent student, but also an excellent sister, a model for her younger sister to follow. The flame of passion for Informatics and the encouragement from her have spread to Nguyen Thanh Song Truc, who is Thanh Truc’s younger sibling born in 1999. The younger sister also enrolled in Computer Science in 2017. Following her sister’s example, Song Truc tried her best to study and practice, continuing to accompany her sister to nurture the passion for Informatics. Therefore, Song Truc has also become one of the elite Bachelors, graduating with a score of 8.26 in October, 2022.

Over the years, there have been many cases that family members have chosen TDTU for future development. It is an endless sequence of contributions to the sustainable development made by the University, as well as a living proof of an effective and quality training environment.

Two sisters are waiting on the same stage for their Master's and Bachelor's degrees.
Song Truc holds the medal awarded by Ton Duc Thang University for her outstanding achievements.
Two sisters try to study well and be successful to pay filial piety to their parents.