The seminar “Reproductive Health - Are you ready?”

On the evening of March 24, 2022, Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) held an online seminar on the topic “Reproductive Health - Are you ready?” for students. The seminar was held on the Zoom platform and broadcast online on the Facebook page “Ton Duc Thang University” with the sharing of Ms. Tieu Thao Ngan – Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Center for Disease Control (HCDC) Union, lecturer at the provincial level on reproductive health care topics.

Ms. Tieu Thao Ngan wholeheartedly shared her knowledge about changes in adolescence, physiological changes, ways of taking care of reproductive health and some sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, she suggested that when young people have reproductive health problems, they need to be actively examined for timely detection and treatment.

This seminar has practical, important and necessary meanings for TDTU students, helping them to understand the importance of reproductive health and have skills to deal with changes in physiology and mentality as well as prevent sexually transmitted diseases. The seminar attracted students to listen, boldly exchange and ask many questions related to the topic. With the enthusiastic and sincere answer of Ms. Tieu Thao Ngan, TDTU students have gained more skills to take care of themselves, stay healthy in study and extracurricular activities, and solve problems that they and their loved ones are facing.

Some pictures from the seminar:

Ms. Tieu Thao Ngan presenting the content of Reproductive Health.

Guests and TDTU students in memorable photos.