“Ca Mau Sedge Mat” outfit designed by a student of Ton Duc Thang University entered the international arena

Within the framework of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 (MUV 2022), the National Costume Design contest attracted many designs of fashion by students from universities in Ho Chi Minh City. The contest aims to find the most unique work for the new Miss Universe Vietnam to compete in Miss Universe 2022.

Contestants can draw inspiration from any of the values ​​belonging to the tangible and intangible culture of Vietnam to design the national costume. Through the preliminary rounds and presentations, the Judges officially selected 41 costumes to perform at the National Costume Contest night. TDTU has up to 7 works by Fashion Design students selected to perform, including: “Chieu Ca Mau” (Ca Mau Sedge Mat) - Nguyen Quoc Viet, “Ganh” (Street Hawker) - Bui Hoai Duy, “Kham Van” - Nguyen Vinh An, “Hoa Lien” - Nguyen Hoang Minh, “Vina Vechai” - Pham Minh Phuc, “Mat Ly Hoa Rung” (Wildflower Honey) - Danh Tinh, “Mong Thanh Tien” - Nguyen Tran Trong Nghi.

The designs by TDTU students have their own features that honor modern beauty, confidence, bravery and uphold the values ​​of honesty and beauty. It is unlimited in ideas, designs and materials that makes creativity become a determinant for the winning outfit.

Overcoming 40 designs, the work "Chieu Ca Mau" (Ca Mau Sedge Mat) by Nguyen Quoc Viet won excellently at the National Costume Contest night. The work creates eye-catching theatrical effects, and honors the beauty of the performer’s body, inspired by the Ca Mau mat village - the idyllic southernmost village of the country. The mat material clearly shows the national soul, imbued with the cultural identity and life of Vietnamese people. This outfit will be brought by the new Miss Universe Vietnam to the biggest beauty arena on the planet - Miss Universe 2022 at the end of the year.

The costume weighs about 15 kg, and is mainly designed with sedge mats in the style of Ao Dai with a conical hat. The pattern on the mat is beaded to create light. The frame of the dress is built of stainless steel with high projection pieces extending from the back. Sleeves, pants and skirts are made of silk inside, and the outside parts are soft curved mats that are cut and stacked on top of each other; the waist is dotted with processed sedge motifs that are cleverly arranged to reflect a series of natural colors as well as many shades of peaceful and beautiful life in Vietnam.

Nguyen Quoc Viet is currently a third-year student majoring in Fashion Design of the Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts. In 2019, Viet participated in the National Costume Design contest for the Vietnamese representative in Miss Universe, and he entered the Top 13 finalists. In the same year, Viet continued to design national costumes for Miss Grand Ireland, contributing to bring the Vietnamese representative into the Top 20 of Miss Grand International. Coming to this year's contest, Viet said: “The work was completed in 3 months with the idea coming from a traditional craft village in my hometown, and the materials are prepared by parents. In particular, the guidance of Mr. Nguyen Hong Khiem helped me a lot to condense the idea, then optimized the implementation method for the most perfect product. I would like to thank the University, lecturers and Mr. Khiem for always accompanying me and my friends to achieve this brilliant achievement.”

Mr. Nguyen Hong Khiem (MA) - Direct instructor for groups of TDTU students who participated in the contest shared: “Throughout the contest, we all understood the pressure of this important project put on our students. The biggest challenge is to unleash ideas with positive artistic thoughts to create good results. In the end, lecturers and students completed the design and leaved a full impression on the Judges so that the winning work became a symbol of national identity, showing the beauty of the Vietnamese nation in the international arena".

The National Costume is an important part of the world’s major beauty pageant. Representatives from different countries will perform and convey the cultural beauty of their homeland to international friends and audiences.

The sketch image of “Ca Mau Sedge Mat” excellently passed the qualifying round to form the real product.

“Ca Mau Sedge Mat” - A design by Nguyen Quoc Viet excellently won the first prize at the National Costume Design contest night.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Khiem and his students.


National Costume designs by TDTU students selected to perform at the National Costume Contest night.