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The semi-final of Ton Duc Thang University Students Beauty Contest 2021

Under the theme “The beauty of diffusion”, Ton Duc Thang University Students Beauty Contest 2021 is approaching the end. The semi-final was held consisting of three rounds including the ensemble competition, the freestyle costume competition and the traditional costume competition. These contests not only aim to spread the ideal of elegance and beauty, but they also respect TDTU students' modern and innovative designs.


The panorama of the semi-final of Ton Duc Thang University Students Beauty Contest 2021. The stage was designed in the shape of a crown, standing out in the semi-final night at National Defense Field of TDTU.


The extremely vibrant and exciting atmosphere of the competitions brought about by numerous enthusiastic students.


The panel of judges was made up by famous figures: Mister Truong Ngoc Tinh, finalist of top 5 Miss Vietnam 2020 Pham Thi Phuong Quynh, MC Phan Ngoc Phuong Uyen, Mr. Nguyen Nha, Mr. Minh Trung Beauty, fashion director Ta Nguyen Phuc, fashion designer Minh Tuan Nguyen.




The program imprinted the opening ensemble performance of top 40 contestants in elegant outfits: white T-shirts and dark pants. The harmonious coordination created a lively repertoire at the semi-final.




In the competition of freestyle costumes, the contestants showed their confidence in their outfits highlighting their personality to dazzle the stage. Each individual was dressed in different color, contributing to a unique and colorful semi-final.


In the competition of traditional costumes, the contestants fully exhibited their charm in pink outfits of ao dai and white shirt-dark trousers. That is the contagious pride of TDTU students.


After three thrilling competitions, the panel of judges selected 20 best individuals to move forward to the final round of the contest.

  1. Le Thi Ngoc Hieu - 075 (Candidate number)
  2. Pham Van Giau - 010
  3. Tran Pham Hoai Nhi - 107
  4. Vu Quoc Trung - 017
  5. Nguyen Huynh Thu - 151
  6. Van Chi Bao - 019
  7. Mai Gia Han - 074
  8. Tran Viet Ngu - 026
  9. Luu Thanh Phuong - 094
  10. Trang Luu Bao Thang - 040
  11. Hoang Hien Trang - 156
  12. Truong Van Nghi - 083
  13. Truong Thi Thu Hue - 089
  14. Le Viet Tai - 030
  15. Nguyen Thi Thuy Huy - 042
  16. Le Huynh Quang - 364
  17. Nguyen Bao Suong - 062
  18. Danh Vu Hao - 391
  19. Truong Bao Long - 103
  20. Hoang Hanh Nguyen - 136

This year’s contestants are highly appreciated with much potential, making it difficult to anticipate the final results of the contest. The answer will be announced on the finale night of Ton Duc Thang University Students Beauty Contest 2021, taking place on April 23, 2021.