Number 138 in Asia (QS-Asia University Rankings)

In November 2022, QS Asia University Rankings ranked TDTU at 138 out of 760 best universities in Asia ranked in the 2023 ranking period.

In October 2018, TDTU appeared in this ranking for the first time at 291-300. In November 2019, TDTU ranked at 207 in Asia according to the ranking results in 2020. In November 2020, TDTU ranked at 163 out of 650 best ranked universities in Asia. In November 2021, TDTU ranked 142 out of 687 best universities in Asia ranked in the ranking period 2022.

The QS Asia University Rankings conducts the ranking based on the survey results’ analysis of hundreds of thousands of professionals and employers around the world along with data on scientific publications of global educational institutions from 2016 to present. The scoring criteria include: Expert’s evaluation (30%); employer’s evaluation (20%); percentage of lecturers/students (10%); percentage of lecturers with doctorate degrees (5%); number of scientific articles/lecturers (5%); percentage of citations/scientific articles (10%); international research network (10%); proportion of international lecturers (2.5%); percentage of international students (2.5%); percentage of incoming international exchange students (2.5%) and proportion of outgoing international exchange students (2.5%).