Activities to celebrate the 26th anniversary of Ton Duc Thang University (September 24, 1997 - September 24, 2023)

On the occasion of the 26th anniversary of construction and development, Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) organized many exciting and meaningful activities from September 11 to September 24, 2023. This is an opportunity to review traditions and create opportunities to meet among staff, employees, and students through competitions, sports activities and exchanges. 

Some photos of activities to celebrate the 26th anniversary of the University:

  1. Incense offering ceremony

TDTU's leaders offering incense in front of the Monument of President Ton Duc Thang

Representatives of the University's leaders, staff and employess offering incense in front of Uncle Ton's monument

  1. Exhibition of beautiful photos to celebrate the 26th anniversary of the University

Awarding prizes to trade union units participating in the beautiful photo contest

  1. Friendly running event

The representative of the University's Trade Union giving an opening speech at the running event
Awarding souvenir flags to teams participating in the running
Staff, employees and students excitedly participated in the running

  1. Flashmob dance contest

Dr. Tran Trong Dao giving flowers to the Flashmob Contest judges
The teams were highly evaluated by the judges for their investment and confident performance
First prize in Group A of the Flashmob contest belonging to the Faculty of Information Technology

  1. Friendly tennis competition

Dr. Tran Trong Dao, staff and employees receiving souvenir trophies in the friendly tennis competition

  1. Friendly football competition

The representative of the University’s Trade Union presenting souvenir flags to the teams participating in the friendly football matches

After 26 years, TDTU has risen to a leading position in Vietnam in many fields. The University has modern infrastructure such as the library, laboratories, sports complex... Human resources include a team of staff, researchers, and employees with a sense of responsibility and pride in the University, contributing to teaching, supporting and improving student quality. Step by step, TDTU has become an international educational center, with many collaborative activities on a global scale.

Being proud and appreciative of the achievements, grateful to the previous generations who have laid a solid foundation for the development of the University today; The collective of staff, employees, and students believes in the continuous development of TDTU on the path to becoming the world's elite research university.