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Opening ceremony of accreditation of higher education programs according to FIBAA standards

On the afternoon of May 25, 2021, the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) together with Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) opened an online assessment of 4 higher education programs of TDTU including: Urban and Regional Planning, Labor Relations, Sociology and Vietnamese Studies - majoring in Tourism and Tourism Management.

Attending the opening ceremony, on the FIBAA side, there were Ms. Nora Winckel - FIBAA Project Manager and 7 accrediting experts who are prestigious professors teaching and doing research at leading European universities. In addition, there were business representatives, student representatives and local experts.

Ms. Nora emphasized: FIBAA is the only organization in the world that accredits the quality of educational programs in management, economics, law and social sciences according to European standards (from undergraduate to doctorate level). FIBAA's mission is to accredit, evaluate and develop educational programs around the world, ensuring transparency, quality and internationalization in higher education. Therefore, this set of standards is suitable for accrediting the quality of majors such as Sociology, Vietnamese Studies - majoring in Tourism and Tourism Management, Labor Relations, Urban and Regional Planning of TDTU.

Dr. Tran Trong Dao - Acting President of TDTU gave the opening speech, in which he highly appreciated FIBAA's set of standards, and said that these are solid foundations for TDTU to consider fulfilling the objectives of training programs, international orientation, curriculum framework, admission issues, lecturer development, infrastructure investment and educational quality assurance activities at the University.

Dr. Tran Trong Dao also expressed his desire to receive important recommendations from FIBAA's expert panel so that TDTU continues to upgrade and improve the quality of the training programs.

On behalf of FIBAA, Ms. Nora and the expert delegation expressed their gratitude to TDTU's leaders, lecturers, staff and students, especially the 4 programs participating in this assessment. The representative of TDTU also expressed the gratitude to FIBAA, the expert delegation who supported the University in the process of preparing the self-assessment report and conducting the official survey.


Overview of the opening ceremony.


The FIBAA representative introducing the assessment program.


Dr. Tran Trong Dao - Acting President of TDTU giving the opening speech.


Participants of TDTU in the assessment program.