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Ton Duc Thang University opens graduate programs in 2020

On the morning of September 12th, 2020, Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) organized the opening ceremony of graduate programs in 2020 (PhD. degree in the academic year 2020-2023 and Master's degree in the academic year 2020-2022).

Attendants of the opening ceremony included Dr. Tran Trong Dao, the university representative; Dr. Vo Hoang Duy, Deputy Secretary of the University Party Committee, and Head of the School of Graduate Studies; Dr. Dang Thi Thu Huyen, Head of the Department of Personnel and Administrative Affairs; Leaders of the Faculties including Business Administration, Foreign Languages, Accounting, Finance and Banking, Sports Science, Mathematics & Statistics, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Social Sciences & Humanities; together with 207 graduate and doctoral students passing the entrance exam in August 2020.

In addition, Mr. Tran Quang Vinh, the President of the Vocational School of Trade Union Economics - Technology of Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province also attended the ceremony.

During the post-graduate enrollment phases in recent years, the percentage of foreign students who have been admitted to TDTU has continuously increased. Particularly in 2020, TDTU received 155 resumes from countries such as USA, UK, Korea, Thailand, China, etc. In this opening phase, there were 25 foreign students, including 20 graduate students and 5 doctoral students who have been considered for scholarships.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Tran Trong Dao not only congratulated the students who have been admitted to TDTU but also encouraged them to try to overcome their difficulties to complete the study program. The university is committed to creating the best conditions to meet the learning needs of students. Ms. Dang Thi Luu Binh, the representative of the new students, thanked the University Leaders and expressed her belief that she and all other students will work together to achieve the highest results.

With the goal of becoming one of the elite research universities in the world, TDTU always focuses on promoting postgraduate education. This is also the content in the strategy of developing highly qualified human resources for the society, and at the same time enhancing the university’s research capacity. Over the past 10 years, TDTU has trained more than 3,000 students for Master’s degree. This force is currently holding many important positions in teaching, research field as well as taking care of management in businesses, agencies and departments. This has greatly contributed to affirm the prestige as well as the quality of education at TDTU.

Some photos of the ceremony:

Dr. Tran Trong Dao, University Representative

Dr. Vo Hoang Duy, Deputy Secretary of the University Party Committee, and Head of the School of Graduate Studies
Ms. Dang Thi Luu Binh, representative of the new students delivering a speech
The representative of the new students presenting flowers to the University representative