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Global Strategies for Resilient Local Tourism Workshop

From March 1 to March 5, the Architecture department of Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) in conjunction with the Institute of Smart City Management (University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City) organized the 4th International Workshop Week & Parallel Design Studio with Hasselt University (Belgium). This is an opportunity for students and lecturers to learn, exchange knowledge, and experience in making international projects with participants from countries such as the Kingdom of Belgium, Korea, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam with its main theme Global Strategies for Resilient Local Tourism.

In the international context of crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Organizing Committee of the Parallel Design Studio had to choose the form of working online.

Partner universities participating in this activity include TDTU, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, HCM City University of Technology, Hasselt University (Belgium), Handong Global University (Korea), Mandalay Technological University (Myanmar), and Thammasat University (Thailand).

TDTU has chosen 8 third-year and fourth-year students majoring in Architecture and Planning, guided by Dr. Arch. Ngo Le Minh, Dr. Arch. Vo Hoang Khanh and Ms. Le To Quyen to participate in the Workshop.

The Workshop will discuss, share and propose innovative ideas to develop global strategies for local tourism in a new state.

Architecture students from 5 universities will be selected and divided equally into 8 groups. Each group consists of 4-5 people, guided by 2 or 3 professors or architects from participating universities.

To be eligible for this International Design Workshop, excellent students are selected      from 3rd and 4th year with good English communication skills. Studio results will be converted to the results of Painting/Theory at the university, and at the same time, students will be awarded a certificate from the Organizing Committee. From participating in this activity, students receive many benefits for learning and career orientation, interacting and working with international friends.

This is also an opportunity to exchange cultures of Asia and Europe as well as share experiences in coping with the pandemic and maintaining a new state of life to continue the culture-travel-human connection on a global scale.

Global Strategies for Local Tourism Workshop, March 2021
Groups working online
Public spaces during Covid-19 pandemic (Source: Un-Habitat,