Mission, Vision, Quality Policy


Education, Research and Creativity for Sustainable Development of Humanity


For development of humanity in a world of peace and happiness


1. Continuously recruiting and training human resources to become professional, devoted, qualified, and responsible lecturers and staff (in both profession and science).

2. Enhancing the development significantly and qualitatively; focusing on sustainable development in education and science-technology; promoting the spirit of devotion, work habits based on procedures and ISO in all areas; committed to ensuring objective accredictation to standardize the outcomes of TDTU.

3. Making a long-term and constant investment in infrastructure including university facilities and equipment to ensure that they are modern and up-to-date throughout the period 2007-2037 and beyond; ensuring to provide university facilities and equipment sufficiently, professionally and timely for the implementation of quality objectives in education and research in each development period.

4. Focusing on communication activities of the University in the country and abroad; continuing to expand cooperation with universities in the TOP 500 of the world, and TOP 60 of Asia to collaborate in education and research; learning the modern management model; accessing advanced academia and best real-life practices; implementing technology and science transfer; enhancing the quality of the University up to international standards in all aspects. The undergraduate as well as postgraduate programs and degrees of the university are accredited and recognized by international organizations.


Quality and Trust


Fairness, Effectiveness and Devotion