Mission, Vision, Quality Policy


Education, Research and Creativity for Sustainable Development of Humanity


For development of humanity in a world of peace and happiness


1. Leadership and management: ensuring a streamlined, transparent and democratic management system

2. Human resources: recruiting, training, maintaining and developing human resources with expertise, high scientific level, integrity, professionalism and responsibility

3. Finance, facilities and information technology system: operating a sustainable and transparent financial model; investing and developing facilities to ensure modernity, completeness and specialization; accelerating digital transformation to develop smart services, in order to timely serve the implementation of strategic goals in each developmental stage

4. Training, scientific and technological activities: continuously innovating to meet the needs of stakeholders; developing specific in-depth research fields, effectively contributing to local, national and international development

5. Connecting and serving the community: enhancing domestic and international communication about TDTU; continuously expanding cooperation relationships with domestic and foreign partners and networks including enterprises, professional associations, universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations to enhance the position and prestige of the University.



Quality and Trust


Fairness, Effectiveness and Devotion