Department of Testing and Quality Assessment

The Department of Testing and Quality Assessment (DTQA) was established on 15/10/2011 according to the Decision No. 1001/2011/QD-TDT and functions under directions of the Presidential Board.


DTQA is in charge of Testing, Quality Assessment and Quality Assurance, ISO, Ranking, Certificate and Qualifications Management, and Training Inspection. Every division of work has at least 2 staff, and each department’s personnel is able to participate in other related tasks.

Functional structure of DTQA at Ton Duc Thang University

1. Testing and Item Bank Development

  • In charge of building and managing the University’s item bank as well as seeking agreement from faculties/divisions on the types of assessment prior to obtaining Presidential Board’s approval.
  • Consulting with the Presidential Board to ensure the delivery of entrance/final exams complies with the policies and regulations stipulated by the University and the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET).
  • Collaborating with faculties/departments to coordinate the exam proof check, exam printing and exam
  • Conducting research and applying information technology to exam writing and marking
  • Developing final exam guidelines and

2. Database on Test Scores

  • Scoring multiple-choice tests, scanning, storing scores, and transfering scores (MOS, TOEIC, exemption, English test results) to the score analysis team from centers and Department of Academic Affairs.
  • Backup data and transfering scores to the Department of Computing – Computer Services to publish scores on the website.
  • Processing student complaints about any discrepancies in online scores: Multiple-choice exam appeal request.
  • Collaborating with the Department of Inspection Legislation and Security, Department of Undergraduate Studies and faculties to handle student’s complaints and appeals against assessment results.
  • Analyzing and processing exam results. Informing relevant faculties if any mistakes or discrepancies in marking process are detected.

3. Training Inspection

  • Developing the inspection programs and plans for each academic year, submitting them to the Presidential Board for approval.
  • Organizing the implementation of approved inspection programs and plans.
  • Collaborating with other divisions (Department of Inspection Legislation and Security, Department of Undergraduate Studies) to carry out comprehensive solutions
  • Examining the content and ratio, teaching methodology in each subject at random basing on analysis, comparison and student feedbacks.
  • Supporting and inspecting the conduct of regular quality assurance activities at faculties/divisions.

4. Certificate and Qualifications Management  

  • Receiving graduate decisions and coordinating with other divisions/departments to check and ensure relevant information about graduands.
  • Planning on printing diplomas, certificates and degrees.
  • Ensuring the issue of diplomas, certificates and degrees is compliant with the TDTU’s policy.
  • Distributing diplomas, certificates and degrees to other departments/divisions properly in accordance with regulations.
  • Storing data about issued diplomas/science certificates on on the University’s database management system; the procedures of destroying faulty diplomas/certificates/degrees follow the rules of MOET.

5. ISO  

  • Coordinating with other TDTU’s departments/divisions to implement quality management in accordance with ISO standards.
  • Implementing activities related to ISO 9001:2015 for all TDTU’s departments/divisions.
  • Reviewing and censoring the changes in procedures, giving work guidelines, and suggesting deleting no longer appropriate procedures.
  • Evaluating the learners’ inputs, process factors and outputs.
  • Controlling ISO-related activities from all divisions and make recommendations for improvements to Presidential Board.
  • Building up assessment tool system; training programs, lecturers’ ways of teaching, students’ performances, employment of graduated students.
  • Coordinating with departments, faculties to implement comprehensive solutions to ensure training quality and research program developments, teaching methods, learning methods, testing, assess training quality.
  • Supporting, checking the quality assurance in all departments/divisions.
  • Conducting surveys, coordinating with other organizations inside and outside TDTU to continuously improve training quality.

6. Quality Assurance and Accreditation

  • Developing plans in an inspection route in every phased and annually for TDTU training programs.
  • Coordinating with domestic and foreign organizations and individuals to organize educational quality assessment activities and training programs within the functions and duties of DTQA.
  • Organizing training courses for staff and lecturers on quality assurance and accreditation activities; activities to improve training quality and application of online teaching technology.
  • Supporting faculties to conduct self–assessment and write self-assessment reports in accordance with standards, criteria as the basis for external assessment.
  • Being a connecting point with international accrediting organizations to register for assessment, or apply for accreditation with international organizations.

7. Ranking

  • Conducting research about the standards of university world ranking organizations. Developing plans and making lists of all the tasks that need improvements.
  • Demonstrating data as standards’ requests and distributing to other relevant TDTU’s departments/divisions. Collecting and checking data, statisticizing and sending data to ranking organizations.


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