Public disclosure in 2023

Date of publication: June 23, 2023

I. Public disclosure according to Circular 36/2017/TT-BGDDT

   1. Educational quality commitments and educational quality in real situation

       -Educational quality commitments (Form No. 17)

       -Educational quality in real situation (Form No. 18)

       -Admissions criteria

              Undergraduate study programs

              Graduate study programs (Master's programs)

              Graduate study programs (Doctoral programs)

       -Diplomas and certificates

              Graduation diploma sample

              Look up diplomas and certificates

2. Conditions to ensure educational quality

       -Information about physical infrastructure (Form No. 19)

       -Tenured lecturers, administrators and staff members (Form No. 20)

       -Conditions concerning quality assurance of affiliates (See details)

  3. Revenues and expenses

       -Amounts of tuition fees and other payments that educational institutions receive (Form No. 21)

       -Expenditure on scholarships, tuition exemptions, and student support (See details)

       -Other expenses (See details)

II. Other public disclosure

       -Mission, vision

       -Regulations - Statutes

       -Project - Plan

       -Admission portal

       -Tuition - Scholarships

       -List of Majors

       -Curriculum - Learning Outcomes