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Civilized behavior in cyberspace

Social networks have been connecting millions of users around the world. There is almost no barrier or difficulty to join a social network, even for beginners. Young people spend a lot of time every day using social networks for many different purposes, in which, many people go online as a difficult-to-break habit.

Social network is really a virtual society, which has all the good, bad. The important thing is in the bravery and cognitive ability of each person.

In all training programs, Ton Duc Thang University always focuses on content related to behavior on social networks, exploiting social networks in a useful way for the learning and training needs. Particularly in the orientation sessions of the academic year 2021-2022, the university had a topic on this issue presented by Mr. Duong Trong Phuc - Vice Rector of Communist Youth Union Ly Tu Trong School.

Appropriate behavior and effective use of social networks are the two main topics that the speaker spent a lot of time discussing with the students of Intake 25. According to Mr. Duong Trong Phuc, many young people are quite carefree and innocent in sharing any information about themselves on Facebook, from youthful check-in photos, to diverse emotions, including expressing their personal views on social issues even when they do not have enough information and evidence.

The way young people express themselves on social networks needs to be more mature. The law has provisions on responsibility when providing information online. Social networking platforms are all machines capable of analyzing user behavior in a "superior" way, only through "reacts" such as expressing feelings, sharing or simply viewing something, making friends with someone and then the personal information of each person will be extracted with an accuracy that even the user must be surprised. In addition, the performance of individuals on social networks is also a source of information that many employers refer to when evaluating candidates. The distance between virtual society and real society has become closed. So, should you "innocently" disclose all information about yourselves on social networks?

Also with the aim of helping students to have more skills when participating in social networks in a safe and civilized way, recently, Faculty of Business Administration also organized a talkshow about "Civilized behavior in cyberspace” with the participation of many students, which was presented by Dr. Do Anh Duc - Head of Multimedia Department, Institute of Journalism and Communication Training, Hanoi University of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Talking about the aspect of "Civilized behavior", Dr. Do Anh Duc believes that it’s essential to keep a tactful, respectful style and not to disturb others when participating in social networks, especially when expressing views on community issues. Young people should carefully consider, and understand the immediate and long-term benefits before posting their photos anytime, anywhere.

In addition, the speaker also mentioned alarming situations on social networks: some do not know the information but hurriedly share on their personal pages; the use of bad words towards the opponent in the virtual space is becoming out of control,… The speaker advised young people that they should choose the right information sources, look at the problem in a multi-dimensional way, do not rush to judge others as well as share with others what they do not have enough information and evidence, do not change the content and do not provoke others.

The very practical sharing of the speakers helped the students re-evaluate their own use of social networks and adjust accordingly. They cannot separate themselves from the general trend of society led by the development of technology, but are also alert enough so as not to follow the crowd without considering right and wrong, especially not wasting too much time for virtually living in cyberspace is something that young people need to realize quickly.


Mr. Duong Trong Phuc - Vice Rector of Communist Youth Union Ly Tu Trong School at the talkshow with students of Intake 25.


Talkshow "Civilized behavior in cyberspace" organized by Faculty of Business Administration on October 14, 2021.