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Bao Loc Campus: a new pristine day

I went to the Bao Loc Campus for a few days in late September. One of the last rains of the season had just stopped falling. Glorious sunshine beamed over a pristine new day. Surrounded by the leaves and flowers of the wilderness, the space was so immersed in silence that I could even hear the sound of leaves falling from the trees. I took a deep breath to enjoy the nature and instantly felt my worries begin to disappear.

I often see many pictures and articles about the beauty of TDTU’s modern facilities, the majesty of its buildings and the grace and beauty of its flowers. Walking slowly on the gentle paths of Bao Loc Campus and taking the scenery in for a moment, I suddenly became aware of a unique principle embodied in the trees and bricks of TDTU: that an orderly arrangement can be conceived without compromising a site’s unity with nature.

The scene instilled an appreciation for the incredible talent required to be a master in planning and construction. At Bao Loc Campus, everything harmonizes together, every nook of this place gives people the feeling of peace. Here, each gate that leads to TDTU has its own special power source that can wash away all the sorrow and jealousy of those who have suffered before crossing this boundary.

By achieving this feat, TDTU has won over many big hearts with the desire to build this place into a model educational environment for our country; this is because our community believes that anything created with enthusiasm and in harmony with nature will endure, even if there are hardships and storms.

A new day still begins!

Trees immersed in the fairy space


Wild plants under Pines


A gentle walk in the grass




The pristine sunshine of a new vital day


Early blooming Cherry Blossoms


…and the romantic purple of Rhodomyrtus tomentosa


The bricks illustrate this subtle harmony between order and nature