Up-to-date undergraduate and postgraduate curricula

The training programs for undergraduates and postgraduates were researched and imported from those among the world top 100 universities. From the syllabi, teaching methodologies, reference materials for assessments, all are designed, detailed and consistent, in order to enhance the results and imbue learners with the ability to meet the job requirements in a globalized and connected world. 
There are a lot of courses which are taught in English and students also have the opportunity to study and do their internships abroad for 1 or 2 semesters in some majors. Studying at Enterprises is compulsory for a few terms, occupation internships and other subjects from all departments.

The education philosophy at TDTU is one in which we stimulate the creativity of learners as much as possible. Moreover, it is very important to engage in self-training and research. We encourage students to go beyond what they are taught in textbooks and try to attach the content with real life events and apply them into their jobs. Therefore, the training program concentrates on all aspects and in many places such as at the Enterprises, in the field, and use for the betterment of society as whole. In order to provide students with knowledge about the world, the trend of globalization, the globalized employment standard and integration, TDTU conducts a lot of compulsory programs like meetings with international students, overseas internships, studying abroad for 1 month or 1 semester.

The bar for program outcomes are being raised higher in all aspects. All graduates demonstrate English proficiency at IELTS 5.5, or IELTS 5.0 or TOEIC 500 and computer skills of MOS and the ability to swim 50 meters without a break. The recent statistics in 2016 indicate that 98.15% of graduates from TDTU have gained employment within a year after graduation. The number for 2017 is 99.3%. Despite a dip in the health of the economy, we made a commitment with learners and their parents to bring the percentage up to 100%. The quality of TDU graduates’ performance has been highly valued by employers, quoted “they all possesses professional ethnics” and that means “They are disciplined, neat, always obey the law as well as the company’s regulations, polite, hard-working and responsible”. In 2014, QR STARS (England) gave TDTU a 4 out of 5 stars assessment on the teaching quality and students’ success. 

After World War II, the Japanese government specifically asked the local universities to apply the program taken from TOP 20 and 30 universities of the world.