The training policy with international program outcomes

Students who study at TDTU are instructed by an experienced team of scientists, lecturers and businessmen. Many of them are experts from foreign countries. The learning environment at TDTU encourages students to use English more often for many subjects in their junior and senior years. The materials are prepared and taught completely in the target language. Moreover, students are offered the chance to study from one campus to another, and are able to travel overseas for short-term and long-term courses. They can become a part of a research group working with professionals, participate in international conferences which are organized regularly in campus, and take part in specialized courses to improve their majors with many foreign students. All of the above has made TDTU a great environment to train students in accordance with international standards with the aim of helping them grow and helping them change for the better as true global citizens while they are still at university.

Apart from the Standard English skills which are being raised day by day, learners are encouraged to focus on their presentation, reporting and debating skills so that they can be more confident in their ability to meet any challenge. Furthermore, we expect students to be ready to cope with everything and be grateful in order to live their lives to the fullest as well as to develop a sense of greatness, in every situation.

With such a studying and working environment, it easy to see why Ton Duc Thang University was the first institution in Vietnam included in the list of the TOP 200 most sustainable university developments in the world according to the UI Greenmetric World University Ranking and is certified "The environmental friendly school campus" by UNESCO Vietnam Association.