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TDTU is the only university in Vietnam to be ranked in TOP 25 of ASEAN's leading educational and science and technology institutions and the TOP 200 University Impact Rankings (according to THE)

In April 2019, THE (Times Higher Education) published rankings to recognise universities across the world for their globally social and economic impact. Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) is ranked 101 – 200 in 2019 THE University Impact Rankings. Especially, TDTU is ranked 60-70 in Sustainable Cities and Communities, Partnership for the Goals, and Climate Action.

THE University Impact Rankings are the only global performance tables that assess universities against the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Together in the top group 101-200 with TDTU are the following universities: University of Malaya (Malaysia), University of Massachusetts (United States), Osaka University and Hokkaido University (Japan), KAIST (Korea), Lomonosov (Russia) etc. It can be seen that the influence of TDTU on the sustainable socio-economic development of the world is now on a par with the large and long-standing international universities.

In February 2019, Web of Science core collection (Clavirate, the USA) announced the results of science and technology in the 3-year period (2016-2018), TDTU is the only representative of Vietnam ranked in the Top 25 ASEAN's leading scientific research institutions. Web of Science is a statistical database of scientific research works published in the world's leading prestigious journals (often referred to as ISI for short). This result shows that in terms of science and technology and new knowledge creation, TDTU not only ranks number 1 in Vietnam but also is on a par with famous universities in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

In November 2018, the World University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) announced the world's top 2,500 universities in 2018-2019. According to this ranking, TDTU ranked 2nd in Vietnam and 1,422nd in the world. URAP independently uses scientific data on the Web of Sciences for an objective evaluation method, which is not affected by the will or desire of any university. Criteria on the quantity and quality of scientific works all occupy the highest weight in the ranking results.

In October 2018, the QS Higher Education Rankings (United Kingdom) ranked TDTU at 291-300 in Asia's top 500 universities (QS Asia University Rankings).

Although there are somehow differences in the objectives and the evaluation function, these rankings continue to confirm the quality of education and innovative research of education and innovative research of TDTU have met the international standards, been equally compared with many renowned universities in the world, and even surpassed many long-standing universities in the region.

These rankings further confirm the academic quality of TDTU has reached international level, been in line with many world-class universities, and beyond many of the oldest universities in the region.

Therefore, undeniably, it is both a wise and rewarding choice to study and work at TDTU. A young public university which is not funded or invested by the state budget, and has self-reliant growth; in just over 22 years, it has been beyond most of other public universities in Vietnam with a history of 40, 50 or 60 years with spending huge funds invested and financed by the state budget. Obviously, the university is clearly on the right track, choosing the right goals, a university with a truly effective governance system, and potential to go further to prepare for even more brilliant future prospects, for TDTU and as well as TDTU’s lecturers, officials and learners.