Professional and competent human resources

The TDTU team of experts has grown rapidly in quality and quantity with over 1320 people including 200 international professors. The specialized individuals who are Doctors and Doctors-to-be number 50% in total and from now til 2021, TDTU expects to house 85% of lecturers with Doctoral Degrees.

Many of TDTU educators, presidents and professors are from top 500 universities around the world. Therefore, any new specialized skills will always be on par with international standards. Our academic forces are divided into 3 groups: lecturers, lecturer-researchers and researchers; including 200 individuals who are working in 49 key research groups. TDTU guarantees that we will be ahead of the curve in the era of globalization. Because of the evergrowing specialization of human resources, the requirements on the output of education and science-technology are raised higher and higher every year. Our team of notable academics act as the main foundation for our continued success. They have solidified TDTU second place ranking and built a platform from which we can aim for the top spot over the next few years. Not only this but they’ve also ensured the students’ level and proficiency will reach the international standard after their years spent in the university.